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This describes expert/basic mode, where notice mode removes elements so users can't break it. Note this was called "novice" mode for a while.


  1. menu items to remove
    1. File
    2. Edit
    3. Options
    5. Tools
  2. Address Bar
  3. Tabs
    1. Style Tab
  4. Zoom
  5. Title Bar
    1. DOM

1. menu items to remove

1.1. File

  • add plot from. requires test script
  • open opens vaps
  • export data

1.2. Edit

  • Edit dom
  • Inspect Vap file

1.3. Options

  • Rendering Options...
  • Enable Feature should be "advanced/novice"
  • Auto...


  • Bookmarks always reset the application.
  • Recent always resets the application.

1.5. Tools

  • Aggregate
  • Decode URL ( this should be a script anyway. )

2. Address Bar

  • Start with time range selector.
  • address bar is either time range selector or read-only URI address.

3. Tabs

No data, script, or console tabs.

3.1. Style Tab

  • spectrogram renderer should not show middle modes.

4. Zoom

  • zooming is restricted to 20% I was referring to the speed of zooming, so each step would be 20%. Arguably this should be the same for everyone.

5. Title Bar

  • Menu bar indicates this as right-aligned menu, so it can show both status and allow users to change easily.

5.1. DOM

We're going to add lots of things to the dom, so this needs to be considered as well. Can we hide parts?

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