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Introduction. Right now, the title is derived from the metadata via a metadata model. The CDF file reader says, this is ISTP compliant metadata so CATDESC is the title. It might be nice to have the flexibility for allowing the client to specify how this is done. This might also finally deal with the problem of reporting the slice location as well, which current uses "!c(.*)=(.*)" to find the text to replace on updates.



yaxis label=%{LABEL}(%{UNITS})

Note USER_PROPERTIES are properties QDataSet propogates but doesn't interpret.

Note the Axis tab titles and labels have a right-click context menu to add macros.


  1. Current Support
    1. Legend Label
    2. Title
    3. XAxis and YAxis

1. Current Support

See s

1.1. Legend Label

%{USER_PROPERTIES.VERSION} works. I had to add a putProperty branch that would support PyDict to use this in a Jython script.

Get data from CDF metadata: Mission Group: %{METADATA.GlobalAttributes.Mission_group}!cSource: %{METADATA.GlobalAttributes.Source_name}

1.2. Title


I've made it so that the title and the plotElement legend use the same code. This code assumes that it's okay to use the first plot element to get dataset metadata.

1.3. XAxis and YAxis

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